Goose Down Duvet Hungarian 100% Down | 4.5 up to 13.5 tog All Seasons | 5 Bed Sizes

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• Hungarian Goose Down has been used throughout the world for many years and is known to be the finest filling for duvets and pillows. It is superior in quality, and very consistent.

• All our Hungarian Goose Down products are made in Hungary with High Fill Power 100% Hungarian Goose Down. No feathers have been added.

•The Goose Down used in our duvets is Class 1 New Hungarian Goose Down and does not contain any reprocessed down.

• Our Hungarian Goose Down Duvets meet OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and NOMITE

• Fill Power - 650. Fill Power is the main factor when determining the quality of any down filled product. The higher the fill power number is, the larger and stronger the goose down clusters are. With high fill power goose down, you need less weight within the duvet to keep your body insulated. As a result these duvets are extremely lightweight. The high fill power is reflected in the filling weights*. These are as follows;

Single 10.5 Tog - 600 grams
Single 13.5 Tog - 800 grams
Double 10.5 Tog - 825 grams
Double 13.5 Tog - 900 grams
King Size 4.5 Tog - 470 grams
King Size 10.5 Tog - 1000 grams
King Size 13.5 Tog - 1350 grams
Super King Size 4.5 Tog - 570 grams
Super King Size 10.5 Tog - 1370 grams
Super King Size 13.5 Tog - 1770 grams
Emperor Size 4.5 Tog - 680 grams
Emperor 10.5 Tog - 1400 grams
Emperor Size 13.5 Tog - 1900 grams

Single All Seasons:
4.5 Tog - 320 grams
9.0 Tog - 580 grams
Double All Seasons:
4.5 Tog - 440 grams
9.0 Tog - 800 grams
King Size All Seasons:
4.5 Tog - 590 grams
9.0 Tog - 970 grams
Super King Size All Seasons:
4.5 Tog - 710 grams
9.0 Tog - 1250 grams
Emperor Size All Seasons:
4.5 Tog - 810 grams
9.0 Tog - 1360 grams

* Note that these are filling weights only and do not include the weight of the 100% Cotton Down proof cover.

• Duvets are made with a cassette construction which means that the casing is divided up into pockets into which the filling is placed. As a result the filling does not move around ensuring an even spread of insulation and no cold patches. Internal Baffle Wall - each cassette mentioned above is actually a three dimensional box with the internal baffle wall providing the height between the top and bottom casing. Baffle walls allow the goose down to expand to its maximum loft with no restrictions. Because the baffle walls are made to form this 3 dimensional box, they allow the goose down to be evenly distributed hence providing maximum warmth. The All Seasons duvets are attached through buttons.

• 233 Thread Count Plain White 100% Cotton Down Proof Cover with White Cotton Piping and Double Stitched.

• Cleaning & Sterilization Process - the Down filling is completely cleaned during the cleaning and sterilization process. During this process thermal water is used enabling to cut back the quantity of detergents, which makes this phase eco-friendly. By the time this process is finished the filling in the Duvets is completely free of any bacteria and impurities.

• Machine washable. Can be tumble dried.

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