Oil Filled Heater Radiator 2000W 9 Fin

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• 9 Fins (2000W)

• Fast heat production

• Large heating surface and even heat distribution

• Choice of three heat settings - 800W / 1200W & 2000W

• In built Thermostat which regulates heat production. Heater switches off when it reaches the desired temperature.

• Safety mechanism which prevents heater from overheating

• Equipped with castor wheels for ease of movement

• Power supply - 240V - 50Hz

• Height - 60cm, Length - 40cm, Depth - 13cm. Cable Length - 146cm. All sizes approx.

• Fitted with British Standard 3 Pin Plug

• Full instruction manual enclosed

• CE - This product complies with all applicable European Directives

General safety measures that should be taken before assembling and operating any oil filled radiator;
• Locate the oil heater at least 3 feet from any combustible material, which includes furniture, bedding, clothes and paper.
• Place the heater on a firm flat surface.
• Plug the oil heater into a standard electrical single wall socket. DO NOT plug more than one heater into the same outlet or into outlets wired into the same circuit. Don't run the cord under a carpet or rug.
• Avoid using an extension cord with an oil heater. DO NOT place the heater or cord in a location where someone might trip over it.
• DO NOT use the heater in a bathroom, laundry room or outdoors.
• USE EXTREME CAUTION when the heater is operating and not attended. Instead of leaving an oil heater on at night, consider turning it on in the room before bedtime to give it sufficient time to heat the room. The heat will remain in the room for a few hours.
• USE EXTREME CAUTION when operating an oil heater around children and pets. Don't touch the heater with bare skin or put any covering over the heater.
• Unplug the oil heater when not in use.
• Remove all packing material before operating the oil heater. Ensure that the wheels are fully extended. Discontinue use if the heater has been dropped, damaged or is leaking oil.

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