Printed Hand Towels 500gsm 100% Cotton Pack of 6 Ex Department Store Stock

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6 x 100% Cotton Printed Hand Towels

These Hand Towels were manufactured for High Street Department Stores and Luxury Specialist Bedding / Towel Online Stores. Stock was overproduced by the factory. These are high quality hand towels made using high grade cotton and with superb stitching and finishing

Quality - 500gsm*

Size of each hand towel - 50cm x 90cm

Designs of the towels are Floral and Striped (as shown in the picture)

There will be at least 3 different designs / patterns per pack of 6,

Colours will be picked randomly by our despatch team and will not necessarily be the ones shown in the picture.

Weight of each hand towel is 225 grams - using the towel industry standard of calculating GSM this works out to 500GSM

Formula is;

Weight of towel in grams divided by size of towel in cm

In this case

225 / (50 x 90) = 500gsm

Printed Bath Towels and Bath Sheets also available

*The quality of towels is determined by the GSM (grams per square metre).

Cheap quality towels have a GSM of between 200 - 300.

Better quality towels have a GSM of between 400 - 500.

Superior quality towels have a GSM of 500+.

The more grams per square metre means that the towel is thicker, more absorbent and longer lasting.

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