Super King Canadian Goose Down Pillow 800+ Fill Power 370TC Cover

• 100% Canadian Goose Down Filling. No Feathers have been added during the manufacturing process.

• High Fill Power - 800+. Fill Power is the main factor when determining the quality of any down filled product. The higher the fill power is, the larger and stronger the goose down clusters are. With high fill power goose down, you need less weight of goose down resulting in extremely lightweight yet plump and soft pillow.

• Super King Size 50cm x 90cm - 20" x 36"

• Each super king size pillow is filled with 700 grams of 100% Canadian Goose Down. Please note that with our 100% Canadian Goose Down pillows the filling weight may appear to be low but this is because the down clusters are larger and have a higher fill power. A low filling weight does not mean that the pillow is under filled or that it will not provide support. 700 grams filling within each super king size pillow is sufficient enough to provide a soft and plump pillow. More weight in these pillows does not mean that the pillow is a ‘higher grade’ or better quality. The larger Canadian goose down clusters ensure that the pillow is lightweight which in turn indicates that the pillow is filled with genuine high fill power 100% Canadian goose down and not with a cheaper quality down or other cheaper materials which may be used to increase the filling weight.

• 370 Thread Count 100% Cotton Down Proof Cover

• Double needle stitching edge with self piping

• NON ALLERGENIC - these pillows meet 'NOMITE' and 'OEKO-TEX Standard 100'

• NOMITE' - which confirms that the pillows are suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.

• OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - The latest German and Swiss detergents are used to clean the filling. It is completely cleaned during the washing and rinsing phase and then dried at 120°C for 30 minutes. By this method the filling becomes completely antibacterial. By the time this process is finished the filling in the pillows are completely free of any bacteria and impurities.

• Machine washable @ 40 degrees in a large capacity washing machine. Can be tumble dried.

• Super King Size Pillow Protectors (Luxury Quilted & Waterproof) plus Super King Size Pillowcases also available.

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