Wholesale Bath Sheets 100% Cotton 500gsm - 650gsm

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Superior Quality Wholesale Bath Sheets

100% Cotton. Soft Cotton Pile.

Size of each Bath Sheet 90cm x 150cm

Assorted Colours. Note that the colours of the Bath Sheets will not necessarily be the one's shown in the picture.

Each carton of 12 will contain at least 6 different colours.

Assorted Qualities - The quality of Bath Sheets within each carton of 12 will range from a minimum of 500gsm up to 650gsm.

Machine Washable. Can be Tumble Dried.

* The quality of towels is determined by the GSM (grams per square metre).

Cheap quality towels have a GSM of between 200 - 300.

Better quality towels have a GSM of between 400 - 500.

Superior quality towels have a GSM of 500+.

The more grams per square metre means that the towel is thicker, more absorbent and longer lasting.

Made in India

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