Wholesale Black Bath Towels 100% Cotton 400 gsm Packs of 6, 12, 48, 480 or 960

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100% Cotton Bath Towels available in packs of 6 (£3.65 each), 12 (£3.25 each), 48 (£2.85 each), 480 (£2.25 each) or 960 (£2.00 each)

Colour - Black

Size of each Bath Towel 70cm x 130cm

400gsm* quality (Reasonable Quality for Bath Towels)

Weight of each Bath Towel is 370 grams. Using the Towel Industry Standard of calculating gsm this works out to 400gsm. Formula is

Weight of towel in grams / size of towel in cm. So for these towels;

370/(70 x 130) = 407gsm

Machine Washable. Can be Tumble Dried.

*The quality of towels is determined by the GSM (grams per square metre).

Cheap quality towels have a GSM of between 200 and 300.

Better quality towels have a GSM of between 400 and 500.

Superior quality towels have a GSM of 500+.

The more grams per square metre means that the towelling is thicker, more absorbent and longer lasting.

Matching Hand Towels Available.

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